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Construction Job Growth in Australia

If you’ve been thinking about entering the construction industry, now is a great time to do it. We’ve reviewed a number of important data points to provide you with an update of construction job growth in Australia. By 2019 the forecasted number of construction jobs will increase by over 125,000, with Construction Managers in high demand with over 10,000 positions available every year, while carpenters and bricklayers will also be highly sought after.


To be able to work on any construction site in Australia, you will need aWhite Card, regardless of the position you hold. Successfully completing an online White Card online (CPCCWHS1001 – Prepare to work safely in the construction industry) course will provide you with a construction industry induction qualification that you can use to work on within all States across Australia, Depending on where you are you may eligible to complete the course online. You can confirm your eligibility here.There is a certain level of risk for anyone working on a construction site, so it’s vital that employees are trained to minimise the chances of injuring themselves or others on the work site.

Construction industry outlook

While there are several challenges on the horizon given the shrinking mining sector, the overall outlook for the construction industry is very positive.

Some of the most important points include:

  • After a slight reduction in major projects during 2015/16, an increase is expected for 2016/17 and beyond, including commercial construction thanks to private sector investment.
  • After two financial years of declining major project turnover, an increase in value of 4.7% is expected for 2016/17.
  • A rising increase in labour demand from 2016 is needed because of the increase in infrastructure work.
  • Engineering construction and projects in the heavy industrial sector is expected to fall, mainly because of the decline of the mining industry.
  • From 2016/17 there is an expected boost in road and rail infrastructure projects, as well as growth in telecommunications infrastructure works.
  • High rise apartment approvals in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane will see growth in this sector for 2016/17.
  • A combination of a slow devaluation of the Australian dollar, low inflation and a slight decrease in interest rates, there is likely to be a significant increase in the residential construction sector.

Given the mostly positive outlook for the construction industry for the foreseeable future, what construction jobs are going to be in the highest demand?

It’s plain sailing for Construction Managers

If you’ve got a head for planning and overseeing projects, a career as a Construction Manager could be for you. Construction Managers are in charge from start to finish, including tasks such as planning, budgeting, coordination and supervision of almost every aspect of a project.

The forecast for job growth over the next three years is very strong, with job vacancies expected to be available right across the country. Job security is excellent with over 93% of all fully qualified Construction Managers in full-time employment, with a typical working week lasting 44.9 hours. Construction Managers earn $1,698 on average, with most holding a ‘Construction Manager Certificate III and IV’ qualification.

Carpenters are in high demand as well

Of the 125,000 extra jobs in the construction industry by 2019, 50,000 of them are for carpenters and joiners alone. With almost 130,000 carpenters already working in every corner of Australia, these opportunities will be available nationwide. Most qualified carpenters and joiners who are working in the industry are employed full-time (over 90%), with the average employee earning approximately $1,054 per week. Once again, the most common level of qualification is a ‘Carpenters and Joiners Certificate III and IV’.

If you love labouring, then a Bricklayer’s job might be for you

While Bricklaying positions aren’t as plentiful as Construction Managers and Carpenters, there are 5,000 extra Bricklayer openings every year spread across most areas of Australia. Bricklayers earn around $800 per week, and over 94% are in full-time employment. To work your way into the industry, the most common qualification is a Bricklayers Certificate III and IV.

It’s time to get a White Card

Whether you’re a labourer, project manager, self-employed, or anything in between, completing White Card training will be the start of a long and rewarding career in the construction industry. You’ll learn how to protect yourself and others, use safety equipment and read safety signs, as well as discover the best safe work practices.

There are thousands of opportunities to enter the construction industry in various sectors offering well paid jobs across a range of professions. The outlook is good, so our advice is to get White Card, and join the construction industry for a financially secure future and outstanding job satisfaction.


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