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RSA Course (QLD) Online

SITHFAB201 - Responsible Service of Alcohol
Queensland - QLD, WA, SA, NT, TAS
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Responsible Service of Alcohol
Responsible Service of Gambling

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RSA + RSG + White Card

Responsible Service of Alcohol
Responsible Service of Gambling
Work Safely in the Construction Industry

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RSA + White Card

Responsible Service of Alcohol
Work Safely in the Construction Industry

$88 save $10
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Course Outline

  • Sell or serve alcohol according to provisions of relevant state or territory legislation, licensing requirements and responsible service of alcohol principles.
  • Provide accurate information to customers on alcoholic beverages according to organisation or house policy and government legislation, including types, strengths, standard drinks and the alcoholic percentages of a range of frequently sold alcoholic beverages.
  • Assist customers with information on the range of non alcoholic beverages available for purchase.
  • Identify issues related to the sale and service of alcohol to different types of customers, especially those at risk, and incorporate them into sales or service.
  • Prepare and serve standard drinks or samples according to industry requirements.
  • Encourage customers courteously and diplomatically to drink within appropriate limits.
  • Recognise erratic drinking patterns as an early sign of possible intoxication and take appropriate action.
  • Monitor emotional and physical state of customers for signs of intoxication and ill effects of illicit or other drug usage.
  • Where appropriate, offer food and non alcoholic beverages.
  • Politely decline requests for alcohol to be dispensed in a manner that is irresponsible, or which encourages the rapid or excessive consumption of alcohol, and advise customers of the reasons for the refusal.
  • Assess intoxication levels of customers using a number of methods, including observing changes in behaviour, observing emotional and physical state, and monitoring noise levels and drink purchases.
  • When assessing intoxication, take into account factors that may affect individual responses to alcohol.
  • Identify customers to whom sale or service must be refused according to state and territory legislation, including minors, those purchasing on behalf of minors, intoxicated persons, and persons affected by the consumption of illicit and other drugs.
  • Where appropriate, request and obtain acceptable proof of age prior to sale or service.
  • Refuse service in a polite manner and state reasons for the refusal.
  • Speak to intoxicated customers in a suitable and consistent manner, minimising confrontation and arguments and point out signage.
  • Provide appropriate assistance to customers when refusing service.
  • Where appropriate, give customers a verbal warning and ask them to leave the premises according to organisation or house requirements, the specific situation and provisions of state or territory legislation and regulations.
  • Use appropriate communication and conflict resolution skills to handle difficult situations.
  • Refer difficult situations beyond the scope of individual responsibility to the appropriate person.
  • Promptly identify situations that pose a threat to the safety or security of colleagues, customers or property, and seek assistance from appropriate colleagues according to organisational policy.


Download the following documents then read them using Adobe Reader.


You can watch the following videos here, or during the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

These are some of the reasons why thousands of Australians choose to study with us:

Fully Accredited

Fast and Easy

  • Most students can complete one of our short courses such as RSA or RSG in 3-4 hours hours, or 3-6 hours in the case of the White Card.
  • Often those who are experienced in the industry, or have previously done similar courses can finish even faster.
  • We are always looking for ways to make this site easier to use and the course easier to understand.

Best Prices

  • We provide online training only, and we are the best at it. Because we do not provide face to face training we have much lower costs than other trainers.
  • The savings are passed onto you in the form of top-quality qualifications at very cheap rates.
  • We firmly believe that your industry training should be of the highest quality and so we would rather cut our prices and have you receive our high-quality training than see you spend your hard-earned cash on inferior training with someone else.
  • If you find a better price for the same qualification let us know and we will beat the price by 10%

Pay Only When You Pass

  • We strongly believe in the need for quality industry training and as such we have made our courses freely available to all students without payment. Read the notes, watch the videos, and take the course all for free.
  • We only ask for payment when/if you have successfully completed the online assessment and would like to download your certificate or statement of attainment.
  • This means that unlike most training websites there is no upfront payment commitment and no nasty surprises!

No-Fail Guarantee

  • We won’t leave you stuck or stranded!
  • The answers to all the questions are taken from our course notes and there are hints to help you know where to look.
  • If you require help with any question our skilled trainers are here to guide you through it. We will stick with you until you have “achieved competency”.

Instant Certificate (RSA & RSG)

  • Our nationally recognised certificates and statements of attainment can be downloaded and printed as soon as you pass the course and your payment is processed.
  • Most trainers will require you to send them a physical copy of your photo ID which will need to be manually verified. This process can take several days.
  • With the aid of state-of the art technology we can verify your identity instantly online in nearly all cases!
  • This means most students will have their certificates in their hands just a few hours after starting your course!

Instant Card Number (White Card)

  • As soon as you finish the online assessment and complete payment you will be provided with a White Card number.
  • The White card and Statement of Attainment will be posted to you within 24 hours of your assessment completion and identification.

Early/Late Support

  • We provide expert support by phone and email from early in the morning until late at night.
  • Most other training organisations operate only in the business hours of the state in which they are physically located. This can cause real delays if you answer a question incorrectly and become locked out, or if you run into some other issue.

Expert, Locally-Based Trainers

  • You will receive support from our Australian-based staff.
  • They are all experienced and accredited trainers.
  • No clueless admin staff, call-centres or overseas outsourced support.

100% Online

  • No practical components, no travelling, no boring classes
  • NB: The White Card assessment involves a short oral assessment over the phone

Available 24/7

  • You can study any time of day or night
  • There are no time limits for completing your course
  • NB: Occasionaly, due to legislative changes, courses are superseded by new versions. When this occurs you will be notified and will need to complete the current course before the new version takes over.

Works on Phones & Tablets

  • Our system is designed to work perfectly on mobile phones and tablets such as iPhones and iPads
  • You can do the course on the couch, the train, in bed, or wherever!

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  • All your communications with our site are encrypted using the same security the banks use.
  • We never see or store your credit card details.
  • We will never sell or share your information with others except for the relevant government departments.

We provide online training only, and we are the best at it. Because we do not provide face to face training we have much lower costs than other trainers. The savings are passed onto you in the form of top-quality qualifications at very cheap rates.

We firmly believe that your industry training should be of the highest quality and so we would rather cut our prices and have you receive our high-quality training than see you spend your hard-earned cash on inferior training with someone else. If you find a better price for the same qualification let us know and we will beat the price by 10%

If you find a Registered Training Provider who is offering the same qualification for a cheaper price we will beat their price by 10%. 

You don’t have to wait to hear from us, just start your training and we will give you the discount before you pay. 

Please note: We will only beat prices for exactly the same qualification as we are offering.  This means real nationally accredited qualifications from ASQA registered RTOs.  There are dodgy operators out there looking to make a quick dollar at your expense.  We know who they are and we will not beat prices for illegitimate qualifications.

We are a nationally accredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO).  Our RTO name is “RSA Express Pty Ltd” trading as “Express Online Training” and our RTO number is 40592.  We undergo regular audits and are fully accredited by ASQA, the Department of Education, Worksafe Australia, Department of Justice and OLGR.


We currently accept the following methods of payment from individual students:

Credit/Debit Card:
  • Credit Card - Visa Visa
  • Credit Card - Mastercard Mastercard
  • Credit Card - American Express American Express
  • Credit Card - JCB JCB
  • Credit Card - Diners Diners
  • Credit Card - Discover Discover
  • Credit Card - Maestro Maestro
  • PayPal Account PayPal account
  • PayPal Credit Card Credit Card
Bank Account Transfer
  • Bank Transfer - Online Online banking transfer
  • Bank Transfer - Local Branch Local bank Branch transfer

Corporate clients processing large numbers of students may be able to negotiate other payment methods.

We strongly believe in the need for quality industry training and as such we have made our courses freely available to all students without payment. Read the notes, watch the videos, and take the course all for free.

We only ask for payment when/if you have successfully completed the online assement and would like to download your statement of attainment.

This means that unlike most training websites there is no upfront payment commitment and no nasty surprises!

Relevant bundles and their prices are listed on each course’s details page.

Claim your discount by doing the followig:

  1. Complete a course from the bundle
  2. While making payment for the completed course select the other courses for which you would like to pay
  3. Receive your discounted price
  4. Make payment
  5. Complete remaining courses from the bundle

RSA Training & Certificates

All the answers to the questions are in the course notes. Just go to the indicated slide and you should be able to find it without much trouble.

If you do get a question wrong don’t worry, you will get another couple of tries. Be careful though because sometimes there is an option for “all of the below” or “all of the above” - it can get tricky!

If you answer the same question incorrectly too many times you will be “locked out” of the course. This is a feature that is required by some regulatory bodies.

If you do get locked out you must talk to one of our trainers before you can continue. We will usually call you within a few minutes, but if you want to get going ASAP call us on 1300 720 104.

Once our trainer has had a quick chat with you and is satisfied that you understand why your answer was incorrect you will be unlocked and can continue from where you left off!

This qualification is nationally accredited. That means that the statement of attainment you receive after completing the course and making payment is recognised to some extent in each Australian state.

In Queensland, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania and South Australia this qualification is completely recognised.

In the other states and territories you can use the statement of attainment to apply for recognition of prior learning and in most cases you will only have to do a short bridging course to get full qualified in that state. This is because some states do not recognise online training for these qualifications.

While some training organisations offer “bridging courses” we have found that this process prohibitively is long and expensive as it requires the following actions:

  • Student applies for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) by submitting their certificates and a full course outline of the completed qualification.
  • Our trainers analyse said documentation to decide whether the student qualifies for RPL, and to what extent.
  • The student then completes the bridging course which is usually about half the length of our normal course.

This entire process does not reduce the average time taken to receive the new certificate (about 2-3 hours either way), and it significantly increases the amount of administration we have to complete. Therefore it is easier and cheaper for the student to simply complete the full course. Most students find that this takes less than two hours if they have completed a similar course previously.

If you would like to apply for RPL please contact us for the procedure and pricing.

From the 1st of July 2013 the only certificate you need for the RSA course is the relevant “Statement of Attainment” from a ASQA approved Registered Training Organisation. This statement of attainment in Nationally Recognised and does not expire.

The Statement of Attainment is provided to you as a PDF download that you can print yourself or email to other people.

Once you have completed your course and made payment you will receive your Statement of Attainment as a PDF file which you can download, print and email.

The PDF file can be accessed either by logging into your account at or by clicking the download link in the email which you receive after making payment.

In order to keep our prices low and ensure speedy delivery we do not send physical copies of the certificates.

The downloaded and printed file is as valid as any “original” certificate and will be recognised by employers and government agencies.

Once you have completed your course and payment has been processed you will immediately be able to download your statement of attainment (instant certificate)

We have an integrated identity validation system meaning that in nearly all cases your identity will be verified without you having to supply any documents. This means you will NOT have to scan your photo ID, send it to us and wait for 2-3 days as you would have to with many other online providers.

For fastest results please pay by Credit Card or Debit Card.

PayPal payments can also be instant as long as you have money in your PayPal account. If PayPal has to take the money from a lined bank account it can take up to 5 business days to process.

Bank Transfer (Direct Deposit) can take 2-3 business days to process depending on your bank. We use the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, so transfers from the Commonwealth Bank will go through on the same day.

No, our current RSA certificate does not expire and you will never have to do this course again once it is completed and paid for.

The old RSA certificate had an expiry of 3 years, but that changed on the 1st of July 2013.

You must have your RSA certificate within thirty (30) days of starting work.

Queensland: RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol)

The Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate, or RSA, is administered by The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation, Queensland. An RSA is required should an individual wish to begin employment involving the sale and distribution of alcohol, and without it, the employer, employee and licensee risk prosecution and the safety of those around them. Most employers will not consider job applicants until they hold an RSA certificate, and licensees are required by law to maintain a register of the current certificates held by their staff.

It is important to note that this certificate is not only a legal obligation and that recognising and dealing with intoxicated persons is a difficult and valuable skill necessary to ensure employees maintain their own safety and that of those around them. Until recently, these skills could only be learned in an intensive one to three day course which could be both expensive and time consuming.

Understanding the need for qualification, and the value of time, Express Online Training now offers an accredited RSA course online. Recognised by Queensland government authorities, we provide you with the course information and the test, leaving you to study and work as is convenient to you. While this obviously saves time by allowing you to complete the course from home, the actual difference in the length of course completion is vast. Rather than three days, most participants find they are able to complete the test within three hours.

The advantage of Express Online Training is that you can learn in your own way and at your own pace. We simply provide you with the educational material, performance criteria and answer booklet; the rest is up to you. By allowing you to tailor comprehension to your individual needs, the ability to learn information is greatly increased and that knowledge which may be vital for others but pointless for you is eliminated.

We also understand that while we are providing a service, you simply wish to gain your qualification. As we cannot provide this if you do not meet the performance criteria, our focus is on ensuring that you do. Simple communication systems allow you to contact our experts with whichever questions you may have at any time you please. The test can also be initiated, stopped, and started as you wish.

Your goal is our goal. We want you to have your RSA; and your prospective employer does too. Whilst Queensland law allows thirty days leeway to obtain the certificate once you begin employment, most will not consider a job applicant without it. So consider Express Online Training; we won't even accept your payment until you complete the test.

Customer Ratings & Reviews

Average rating based on 10810 student reviews.

(QLD - 18 yrs)
"Having the documents there, and being able to refer back to them"

(QLD - 19 yrs)
"Very Thorough"

(WA - 25 yrs)
"Excellent website design"

(QLD - 29 yrs)
"Easy to read and follow"

(WA - 57 yrs)
"Easy to follow"

(SA - 24 yrs)
"Clear questions"

(QLD - 17 yrs)
"that their were notes for me to go back and read for extra help."

(SA - 29 yrs)
"Well presented"

(NT - 27 yrs)
"Very straightforward"

(SA - 18 yrs)
"finding out new information I can reflect on."

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