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Refund Policy

We will refund 100% of your payment if you make a reasonable case that we have misrepresented the course or qualification. Please take into account all information provided on our website, including the FAQ, course information resources, instructions and Student Handbook when considering this.

Generally such a refund under the above circumstances will also require the cancellation of any certificates or qualifications being refunded. In the case of the Construction Induction White Card will require the physical card be returned to us as it will need to be sent back to the issuing state government agency.

Details about the accreditation and recognition of all of our qualifications are listed on our website on the course’s information page as well as in the FAQ. Please note that employers have full discretion in which qualifications they will accept and in some cases they will not accept qualifications even though they are fully accredited in your state or territory. It is the responsibility of the employer and employee to communicate this information between themselves.

If there has been any overpayment the student will be refunded 100% of the amount that has been overcharged immediately.