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24/7 Training with Support Hours Extended Until Late

In our experience many online training providers have stuck to the old fashioned idea of operating only during business hours (9AM to 5PM, five days a week). The problem with this is that most students are busy during the day and want to complete their studies in the evenings.

Express Online Training has informally been providing extended hours of support for the past year, during that time we have had many students contact us, frustrated with other training organisations.

As a result of the overwhelmingly positive feedback on this unique support service we have decided to officially extend our support hours to 8AM(EST) – 8PM(EST) Mon-Thu, 8AM(EST) – 5PM(EST) Fri, and 10AM(EST) – 2PM(EST) weekends. Outside these times trainers will not call students, but will often still be available to answer emails.

This means you can start your online course in the afternoon or evening and know that someone will be here to provide you with the support you need, to get your certificate as quickly as possible.

All information was correct at the time it was posted.



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