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Are hospitality workers receiving enough training?

We all know that training is important for many different industries, and hospitality is no exception. Providing your staff with the right amount of training doesn’t just help them to work safer and more efficiently, it can also aid with confidence in the role.

Sadly, a recent survey by SafetyCulture and YouGov found that “frontline workers”, including those in the retail, logistics, manufacturing, and hospitality sectors may not be receiving as much training as they should be.

The survey was conducted online in April 2022. It involved 553 Australians, 569 Britons, and 858 Americans, for a total sample size of 1,980 participants.

In the survey, it was found that 44 percent of frontline workers said they’d received workplace health and safety training within the past year. A whopping 24 percent of frontline workers said they hadn’t received any form of training within the past year.

Of those surveyed, 29 percent of respondents said there were unsure where to find the workplace health and safety policy of the company they work for, and 11 percent were unsure if it existed at all.

These statistics are concerning, as having well-informed and trained staff is an important element of hospitality businesses. 70 percent of participants called training either ‘very important’ or a top priority.

Many of these frontline workers stated ‘safety’ as being important, with 46 percent claiming this topic was one that mattered to them most. 49 percent of participants said ‘health and wellbeing’ was one of the topics that mattered the most to them. This survey also showed 67 percent of participants saying they never, rarely, or only sometimes felt they were listened to regarding the above topics.

Global General Manager of SafetyCulture, Bob Butler said it’s clear that frontline workers want a voice in the running and operation of their workplaces.

Two-way communication between frontline workers and management is no longer a nice to have, it is a business imperative. Leaders need to be arming their teams with the right tools to allow them to add value, be heard, and stay safe,” he says.

Butler also says post-pandemic complacency could be an issue.

Our research shows that a degree of complacency is creeping into workplaces as we emerge from the pandemic and companies battle ongoing labor shortages, increased demands on productivity, and workplace burnout,” he says.

“However, working with our customers around the world, we continue to see how simple it can be to harness new technology, implement small changes and start the wheel of continuous improvement.”

Today is the perfect opportunity to start putting health and safety firmly back on the agenda. Technology can help sharpen our focus, making sure every detail and element of risk is accounted for in business operations. Every worker has a role to play in preventing occupational accidents and their employers can help by investing in the right tools and effective training.

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