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How to renew an RSA certificate

After holding your RSA certificate for some time you may need to complete a renewal course to keep it valid. A refresher course is often required to renew RSA teachings and ensure that those who work in the hospitality industry are up-to-date with their knowledge and skills.

The process of how and when to renew your RSA certificate may vary slightly depending on the state or territory in which you live, but generally the steps are similar. Here’s our simple guide on how to renew your RSA.


What is an RSA?

An RSA stands for Responsible Service of Alcohol. It’s a certificate that is required in order to work in pubs, bars, and other establishments that sell or serve alcohol. Each person that works within these spaces must hold a valid RSA.


Where can you obtain an RSA?

You can obtain an RSA from a Registered Training Organisation such as Express Online Training. Many organisations now offer online RSA courses that allow you to complete the certificate at your own pace and from the comfort of your home.


How to renew RSA NSW

The NSW RSA Competency Card is valid for a period of five years. After this time, you will be required to renew it to continue working within the alcohol service and sale industry. Your NSW RSA can be renewed online. Simply fill out your details, complete the refresher training courses required and make the payment in order to renew your RSA.


How to renew RSA VIC

Victorian RSA certificates expire three years after they’re obtained. As such, you will need to complete a refresher course every three years in order to keep your RSA valid for working within the alcohol industry.


How to renew RSA QLD

The current QLD RSA Statement of Attainment does not expire, so you will not need to renew your certificate.


How to renew RSA WA

The current WA RSA Statement of Attainment does not expire, so you will not need to renew your certificate.


How to renew RSA SA

The SA RSA does not currently have an expiry date, so you will not need to renew your certificate once you obtain it.


How to renew RSA NT

Once you obtain your NT RSA, you must then renew it every three years in order for it to remain valid for use. You can renew your NT RSA by completing an approved refresher course.


How to renew RSA TAS

The TAS RSA Statement of Attainment does not expire so you will not need to renew your certificate.


How to renew RSA ACT

An RSA ACT Approved Certificate remains valid for three years. After this period, a refresher course must be completed for the certificate to remain valid.


Obtain your RSA today

Express Online Training makes it easy to obtain your RSA and begin working within the alcohol service and sales industry. Our online courses allow you to complete an RSA at your own pace, using your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. We provide local support, seven days a week. Online RSA courses at Express Online Training can also be paused and resumed at any time to accommodate for your busy schedule.


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