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Increasing Alcohol Related Violence in Australia

Australia has a problem with alcohol related violence. There are many factors that are causing this problem in Australia today.

Alcohol Related Violence

There is a “drinking culture” in Australia in which many drink to get drunk. This poses a problem for many people. When alcohol is consumed in excessive amounts in large groups of people there is often potential for violence. You can see examples of this at large sporting events where there can be rioting and other aggressive practices. This is more than often due to the consumption of alcohol which overpowers rational, calm thinking in individuals. The risk factor for violence is increased with the consumption of alcohol. This can often lead to people who are not drinking and becoming innocent victims of this violence and a number of other key issues in alcohol related violence.

Violent Crime

There are many studies that show that violent crime is associated with drinking and the abuse of alcohol. In 2007 a survey concluded that:

  • 1 in 4 Australians were the victim of alcohol related verbal abuse
  • 13 percent were in fear of someone becoming violent that was drinking
  • 4.5% of Austrians aged 14 or older were abused by someone who was under the influence of alcohol
  • Those under the influence of alcohol were physically or verbally abusive to someone at twice the rate of other drugs.
  • Many violent offenses were shown to be alcohol related
  • 23 to 73 percent of assaults are caused by people under the influence of alcohol.
  • Half of all offenders had consumed alcohol 48 hours prior to the arrest.
  • Heavy drinking is more likely to cause aggression or violent behavior

It has been shown that over half the homicides from the years 2000-2006 in Australia were caused by someone consuming alcohol prior to the homicide taking place.

Responsibilities for Bartenders

People who work into service industry such as bars, clubs, and other areas where alcohol is served can take an RSA course or Responsible Service of Alcohol Course(SITHFAB201 – Provide responsible service of alcohol). This course allows you to get a job in restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs and other establishments. RSA courses in Australia can help these service industry personnel recognize those that may harm others after drinking. They will learn to serve drinks at appropriate limits for the consumer, assist those that are under the influence of too much alcohol, and identify customers that should be refused alcohol.

Stopping Violence Before it Starts

Many instances of violence can be stopped before they start. If bars clubs, restaurant and other places that serve alcohol recognize those that harm others, they can be stopped before they pose a risk to themselves or to other people. The Responsible Service of Alcohol Course can help employees recognize the risk factors and take appropriate action to help reduce the level of alcohol related violence in Australia. It’s important to serve alcohol responsibly and to let customers know when they have had enough to drink. Complete your RSA course online now and obtain your competency card without delay!

All information was correct at the time it was posted.



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