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Is your Blue Card Still Valid?

Find out how to get a white card today!

Throughout Australia Worksafe is striving towards uniting training across all states and territories. As a result the “blue card” is transitioning to the “white card“.

With the change from ‘blue’ to ‘white’ cards many find they will have to undergo the construction induction training to obtain a more recentcertificate that allows workers to work across borders.

While your Blue Card will still allow you to work as long as it is not expired, many construction companies are requiring that all employees and contractors hold the new national White Card.

Even if you are a current holder of a Blue Card, as Worksafe can no longer issue the blue card, it is recommended that you complete the white card course and upgrade to the national White Card.
To obtain a nationally recognized White Card start the online course today. Training online is an easy way to obtain your White Card and not miss a day on the job.

As Blue Cards are no longer issued, completing the White Card course online (CPCCWHS1001 – Prepare to work safely in the construction industry) is an easy transition to obtaining the new national certificate.


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