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Job Opportunities with RSG

Attaining a certificate in the responsible service of gambling (RSG) (SITHGAM201 – Provide responsible gambling services)is required should you attain employment in any position in an institution providing gaming services. Such a certificate is relatively simple to gain and can normally be completed through a one or two day seminar. The content of this seminar will differ from state to state according to their specific legislation on gambling, but the aim of the course will be the same; to minimise the impact of problem gambling.

RSG students will not only learn about the rules and regulations of gambling associated employment, but will also learn a variety of skills for helping problem gamblers that are a danger to themselves. Following the seminars students will be required to complete a test to indicate their comprehension of the content, and upon completion will be provided with an RSG certificate.

Unfortunately, attending such a course can be difficult in remote areas and even in some cities where there are relatively few individuals employed in positions related to gambling. RSG courses QLD have been noted for being few and far between and as a result online RSG courses are now available, and many are certified by the state government. It is important to note that RSG laws differ from state to state and that you must attain a certificate that is relevant to the jurisdiction that you live in. An RSG certificate recognised by NSW may not be recognised in SA.

Completing and RSG course online significantly minimises the time taken to attain a certificate, with many students completing the test within two or three hours. Online consultation with RSG educators are provided to ensure questions can be answered and that the benefits of a classroom environment are not lost. Furthermore, these online courses are frequently cheaper and can be completed at the leisure of the student.

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