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RSA for all Venue Staff! Don’t get caught without your NSW RSA!

Do you work or seek work in any of the following roles in NSW venues? Licensee, Secretary of a registered club, RSA marshal, Venue staff selling, supplying or serving alcohol on licensed premise, or Venue staff performing crowd control or bouncer activities

You need your NSW RSA (SITHFAB002 – Provide responsible service of alcohol)! All staff working in venues across NSW are required to obtain their RSA even if they are not directly selling, supplying or serving alcohol. Roles that require workers to perform crowd control, bouncer activities, manage employees or the venue are under law mandated to understand the premise of responsible service of alcohol in order to ensure harm minimization, restriction of alcohol to minors and responsible drinking and behaviour.

Certain venues may have conditions placed on their license, these conditions under law require venues to hire a RSA marshal. Does your venue require a RSA marshal due to late trading hours? If so the RSA marshal(s) is required to have an up to date NSW RSA certificate.

The Kings Cross and Sydney CBD Entertainment Precincts are required to employ RSA marshals during supervised trading periods. Information on the Liquor and Gaming NSW classifies supervised trading periods as:

  • Midnight until 3:00 am (or the time the venue is required to close, if earlier)
  • Every Friday night, Saturday night, public holiday night or the night before a public holiday

Complete your RSA NSW course online now and obtain your competency card without delay!


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