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The ultimate guide to obtaining an RSA certificate VIC

The RSA certificate VIC is a mandatory requirement for any individual that wants to work in a role that involves the service or sale of alcohol in Victoria. It stands for the Responsible Service of Alcohol, and is a short course that can be completed in a number of hours. The VIC RSA certificate provides an understanding of the laws that surround alcohol service and consumption in the state. Want to learn more about the RSA VIC certificate? Read our comprehensive RSA Victoria guide to find out more about the course.

What is an RSA certificate in Australia?

The Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate is a qualification that is required by law in Australia for anyone wanting to work in an industry that sells or serves alcohol. This certificate is mandatory for individuals working in roles such as bartenders, wait staff, and security personnel at licensed venues. During this course, you’ll be taught a number of topics, including:

  • Identifying intoxication and taking steps to refuse service
  • Understanding the problems associated with excessive consumption
  • Knowledge of the legislation around the sale and service of alcohol
  • Learning strategies to deal with customers who have had too much to drink

Who needs the VIC RSA?

As mentioned above, this certificate is a requirement for any individual in Victoria working within the alcohol sale or service industry. The following roles may need a VIC RSA certificate:

  • Bartenders and bar managers
  • Venue staff who monitor alcohol-related activities
  • Security personnel in licensed premises
  • Liquor store employees
  • Event staff at functions where alcohol is served

What are the benefits of obtaining an RSA in Victoria?

Getting an RSA can have many different benefits. The VIC RSA lets individuals work legally in licensed establishments, while also providing education on the laws and responsibilities surrounding alcohol consumption. By undertaking an RSA course, you may receive the following benefits:

  • Improving your skills and knowledge surrounding the responsible sale and service of alcohol
  • Meeting the legal requirements needed to work within a licensed establishment
  • Protecting yourself from legal liabilities that may arise when selling or serving alcohol
  • Becoming more employable by having a required certificate

Can you get your RSA online in Victoria?

The good news is yes, a Victoria RSA can be completed online. Express Online Training is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that provides the RSA certificate VIC online course. We’re a nationally accredited institute that offers easily-accessible RSA courses in Australia.

With our RSA VIC course, you can complete your certification around your busy schedule, pausing and resuming studies as needed. This is helpful for those that live in rural areas, as there’s no need for commuting. It’s also handy for people with young families, or shift workers. You’ll be able to complete the course at your own pace and learn in a flexible environment. Additionally, our online courses are user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and understand.

What states is the VIC RSA valid in?

As of June 2024, the Victoria RSA is valid for work in:

  • Victoria
  • Australian Capital Territory
  • Northern Territory
  • Queensland
  • South Australia
  • Tasmania
  • Western Australia

Once you’ve obtained your Victoria RSA, you can then use it for relevant work in any and all valid states. A VIC RSA can provide job opportunities across multiple states, making it a valuable certification to have in your arsenal. Please note that some states may have additional requirements for working within the alcohol sale and service industry. As such, it’s important to check the state-specific regulations before applying for jobs.

When does the VIC RSA expire?

You’ll need to undertake a Victoria RSA refresher course every three years to keep your certification valid. This is due to the fact that the number on the Victoria RSA becomes obsolete after this time period. The Victoria RSA refresher course is free. By undertaking a refresher course, you’re ensuring that your knowledge is up-to-date and in line with current regulations. It’s also a great opportunity to refresh your skills and stay on top of any changes within the industry.

What’s the minimum age for completing a VIC RSA?

You can complete the Victoria RSA course while under the age of 18 in Victoria, however, you’ll need to be 18 years of age in order to serve alcohol. If you’re looking to work in the alcohol industry in Victoria, but have an RSA from a different state, you may need to complete a bridging course to do so. To undertake this bridging course, you’ll need to be at least 16 years of age.

What are the prerequisites for taking the RSA VIC course?

To undertake the RSA Victoria course, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Have a minimum of basic English language skills for reading and comprehending course materials and completing assessments
  • Have a valid form of identification (such as a driver’s licence or passport)

There may be other prerequisites and requirements your employer has, such as a police check. They may also have specific training providers they prefer you to use. It’s always a good idea to check with your employer before enrolling in an RSA course.

How do I get an RSA certificate in Victoria?

The process for obtaining your VIC RSA certificate is straightforward and easy. A Victoria RSA can be completed online through an accredited provider such as Express Online Training. Here are the simple steps for obtaining an RSA certificate in Victoria:

Step 1: Choose your accredited provider

First up, you’ll need to choose the provider for your RSA course. This means an RTO that meets the requirements set by the Victorian government. If you have an employer that’s requiring you to obtain the qualification before beginning work, ask them who their preferred provider for the VIC RSA is.

Step 2: Enrol in the course

After choosing an accredited provider, register for enrollment in the course. If you’ll be completing the certification online, this will typically involve creating your own account on the website. Other sites may let you enrol over the phone. While some RTOs will require you to pay for the course before you begin, with Express Online Training, you will only be required to pay upon completion of the course. We also offer the option of Afterpay.

Step 3: Undertake the training

Of course, you’ll need to complete the training to be awarded with your VIC RSA certificate. The precise length of time it’ll take can vary, however, an RSA can typically be completed with several hours of study. WIth an online VIC RSA course, you have the flexible option of completing your training over multiple sessions, as required by your schedule. If you prefer, you can complete the course within a single day. Those undertaking the VIC RSA in a face-to-face setting will typically need to stick to the  specified course dates and times, completing the course across one or two days.

Step 4: Pass the assessment

Once you’ve completed the training, you’ll be required to pass an assessment to show your understanding of the course. Those undertaking their VIC RSA course online will likely also complete the assessment online. If you’ve been studying your course in person, you’ll most likely complete the assessment in person too.

Step 5: Obtain your VIC RSA Certificate of Completion

By successfully passing your assessment and paying for the course, you’ll receive a VIC RSA Certificate of Completion. A copy of this certificate can then be given to your employer to show that you have completed the required course and are now qualified to serve and supply alcohol in Victoria.

When is an RSA bridging course required?

If you have an RSA from another state/territory but wish to serve or supply alcohol in Victoria, you may need to complete an RSA bridging course. In order to undertake the RSA bridging course, you’ll need to have a valid interstate RSA certificate, no less than three years old. Visit the Liquor Control Victoria portal to apply for a bridging course.

Can I skip parts of the RSA Victoria course if I have experience in the field?

You are not able to skip any sections of the RSA course, even with prior knowledge or experience within the industry. If you don’t complete certain parts of the course, you may not be able to properly understand the responsibilities required for working in the industry. Skipping parts of the VIC RSA could also lead to failure of the course. It is important for everyone in the alcohol industry to have a thorough understanding of the responsible service of alcohol.

How much is an RSA in Victoria?

The cost of a Victoria RSA course will vary depending on the provider you choose. As of June 2024, studying the RSA VIC through Express Online Training costs $49. With Express Online Training, you won’t need to pay for the course until you successfully pass it. We also offer an Afterpay option, allowing you to pay for the course in four interest-free payments. This is a flexible option for those interested in pursuing their Victoria RSA certificate. Consider comparing prices from different providers before enrolling in your RSA course.

Obtaining a Victoria RSA certificate is a legal requirement for those looking to work in the alcohol industry in Victoria. Not only does completing the course give you the necessary knowledge to serve alcohol responsibly, it also shows employers that you are capable and qualified for the job. Having a Victoria RSA certificate can open up job opportunities in various areas such as bars, restaurants, clubs, and events.

Studying with Express Online Training allows you to complete the VIC RSA course in your own time and at your own pace, making it a convenient option for those with busy schedules. Our online training platform makes it easy to access the course materials and complete assessments from anywhere with an internet connection. The course is mobile-friendly, and can be completed across smartphones, tablets, and computers, with the ability to pause and resume study on any of these devices, as needed. With our online Victoria RSA course, there are no no phone assessments or venue visits required. We also provide local support that’s available 7 days a week. Enrol in our VIC RSA course and begin your journey towards a rewarding career in the hospitality industry today.


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