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Top Six Jobs You Can Get with Your RSA

Having a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate opens the door to many different jobs. Each person serving or handling alcohol at a licensed premises is required by law to have a valid RSA. On top of this, roles within a licensed establishment that do not directly interact with alcohol such as venue security also often require an RSA certificate.

The types of jobs you can work with an RSA range from casual event staff positions through to managerial bar work. A valid RSA expands your employment options, training you to be ready to start straight away when you find that perfect position.

Online courses are the easiest way to receive your RSA certificate, and with RTO accredited providers such as Express Online Training offering online RSA study, obtaining the training you need for your new RSA career path could not be simpler.

So, what can you do with your RSA? In todays blog, we take a look at 6 jobs you can get with an RSA certificate. Read on to find out about 6 RSA jobs.

1. Bartender

The role most people likely think of when they imagine an RSA job, all bartender positions across Australia legally require workers to have a valid RSA certificate. A bartender has many tasks that involve alcohol, including pouring and serving drinks, checking ID, and assessing individuals for signs of intoxication. Bartenders will generally spend a large portion of their shift working directly with alcohol.

2. Waiter/waitress

A waiter or waitress working within a licensed establishment will be required to have an RSA to carry and serve drinks. Some venues will also need their staff to pour drinks for patrons. The correct pouring of drinks is a skill taught during RSA online courses. Having a valid RSA can expand the number of venues you can work at as a waitress or waiter, as you will be able to apply for licensed premises positions.

3. Casual event staff

Whether youre wanting to earn some extra cash serving drinks at a licensed event on the weekend or volunteering behind the bar at a festival for free tickets, many casual event positions will require you to have RSA training. With a valid RSA, the options for casual event work increase, giving you plenty of choice when it comes to making a little extra cash.

4. Bottle shop employee

Did you know that you need an RSA to work at a bottle shop? While bottle shop employees arent typically pouring drinks for patrons, they are distributing alcohol and for that an RSA is required. Employees of bottle shops need to understand how to check for valid ID and assess levels of intoxication. RSA courses are also useful in providing further education on standard drink amounts and serving sizes.

5. Venue security

Youll need a valid RSA certificate if you wish to work in a venue security role. Licensed establishments are often required to have venue security, and these positions need to be knowledgeable on identifying signs of intoxication, among other things. While as security you likely wont be required to directly pour and serve alcohol, its important to understand the substance and have a valid RSA when in this position.

6. Bar manager

As a bar manager you will need to hold a valid RSA certificate. Whether you worked your way up from a glassy to a bartender to a bar manager, or youve moved over from a different managerial role, this position deals directly with alcohol and as such, an RSA is required. Managers have many tasks that are tied in with alcohol service and distribution including ordering stock, storage of alcohol, pouring drinks, serving drinks, checking ID, and assessing intoxication levels of patrons.

We hope youve enjoyed learning about 6 jobs that require an RSA certificate. Holding a valid RSA opens up a world of opportunity for employment. Its not just bartenders who need an RSA, but many waitress and waiter positions, and casual event roles too! Online courses for RSA certificates provide education within the industry, meaning you can begin your role with the knowledge and skills needed for the position.

Choosing an RTO accredited training provider such as Express Online Training allows you to get your online RSA with plenty of flexible options. Start your course and begin working within the alcohol service industry today!


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