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What forms of ID do clubs accept?

Knowing the forms of ID clubs accept is important for both those heading out for a night on the town, and those who work in venues. For those going out, knowing what forms of ID are accepted could mean the difference between getting into the venue or being turned away. For those who work in venues, it can help to reduce underage entry and any potential legal issues that come with it.

In today’s article, we cover the forms of ID accepted by pubs, clubs, and other venues that sell and serve alcohol.

What can be used for ID in licensed premises?

There are a number of valid forms of ID for clubs, pubs, and other licensed premises. Common options include:

  • Valid Australian driver licence issued by any state or territory
  • Expired Australian driver licence presented with a Driver Licence Renewal Receipt
  • Foreign driver licence (if not in English, the ID holder will also be asked to present an international driver permit with translation)
  • Australian passport
  • International passport
  • Photo Identification Card (previously called a Proof of Age Card)
  • Keypass ID Card

For a form of ID to be accepted, it will need to show a clear photograph of the individual along with their birthdate. If you’re unsure of whether or not your form of ID is valid for a venue, check with the staff before entering.

What forms of ID aren’t accepted?

The following will not be accepted as valid forms of ID:

  • Identification that does not show a photograph or birthdate of the individual
  • Student ID cards
  • Debit or credit cards
  • Medicare cards
  • Birth certificates
  • Public transport cards (including Opal and Myki)

Do acceptable forms of ID for clubs differ throughout the country?

The short answer is no, the forms of ID accepted by clubs are largely consistent throughout the country. This means that acceptable forms of ID in QLD and acceptable forms of ID in NSW will be the same.

However, whether or not minors are allowed entry with a responsible adult can change depending on the venue, so if this is something you’re looking to do, it pays to check with the premises ahead of time.

When will you be asked to show ID?

You will likely be asked for ID when entering a licensed venue. A member of security may physically check your ID to ascertain your birthdate and check that the photo presented is of you. You may also be asked to show ID when purchasing an alcoholic drink within the venue.

If a crowd controller, bartender, or another member of staff suspects you may be underage, they may ask you to present ID at any time while you’re in the premises.

If upon checking your ID, they believe you to be underage or not who the documentation states you are, they have the right to refuse entry, refuse service, or ask you to leave the premises. The ID may also be confiscated if it’s believed to be fake, tampered with, or belonging to a person different to the one presenting it.

Tips for checking ID

Those that work within a licensed premises will be required to check the ID of customers entering or purchasing alcohol. Theyll also be required to check the ID of patrons they suspect may be underage. Here are some tips for checking ID correctly:

  • Be familiar with the forms of acceptable ID for licensed premises
  • Ask to see the photo ID outside of a wallet window in order to complete a thorough inspection
  • Observe the hologram or other security features of the identification
  • Check for any signs of tampering or alteration
  • Feel the card to ensure there are no wrinkles, bumps, or air bubbles in the laminate, as these could be a sign that it has been altered
  • Ensure that the person presenting the ID is physically similar to the photograph shown
  • Check to make sure the birthdate on the ID means the individual is at least 18 years of age
  • For driver licences from outside of Australia in a language other than english, check that the ID holder has an International Driving Permit with appropriate translation
  • If the individual has a NSW Digital Driver Licence, do not take their phone from them to inspect the licence. Instead, let them present it to you
  • Be aware that fake IDs can look surprisingly real, so always be vigilant


Completing a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) course from a Registered Training Organisation will equip you with the knowledge of how and when to check identification.

Express Online Training provides online RSA courses for people throughout Australia. Our courses can be stopped and resumed at any time, and don’t require any phone assessments or visits to venues to complete. We provide locally-based support, 7 days a week and will beat any competitor price by 10%.

Knowing the valid forms of ID accepted by pubs, clubs, and other venues is a key responsibility of those working in the hospitality industry. It’s also a good idea for patrons to be familiar with what is and isn’t accepted as a valid form of ID in Australia before heading out for a night of visiting venues.

Remember, an RSA course will teach you the basics of when and how to check patron IDs in the alcohol service industry. For more information on RSA courses and their importance, have a browse through our website.


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